The Debbie Incident

On July 25, 2012,  a day that seemed destined to go down in infamy but in actuality sort of faded into obscurity, GoJulesGo (aka “SassyStache”) challenged Peg-o-Leg (aka “Peg”) to assign me a nickname. 

Peg-o-Leg thought and thought and thought some more, probably had a cocktail — I’m not saying she did, I’m not saying she didn’t. I’m just sayin’ — and then she gave me the nickname Debbie.

So just for kicks and to show my appreciation, I changed the name of my blog for a couple of days to Debbie.

That was fun, but I’ve changed it back. I’m not really a Debbie.

That’s not me.


Also not me.


Nope, not me.




12 thoughts on “The Debbie Incident

  1. Hi. I came over from Misty’s blog. I have to admit, I’ve seen your comments for ages, and until today, I thought your handle was Hippie CASHIER. I really need to pay better attention…

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