Simple pleasure.

I bought sunflowers because . . .

. . . it was my first chance this summer to visit my favorite produce stand.

. . . the dentist said “No cavities.”

. . . I ran into an old friend and got caught up on good news.

. . . sunflowers have fewer calories than chocolate. I hope.

. . . it was Friday.sunflowers

. . . they made an elegant centerpiece for a summer dinner party.

. . . a sunflower friend has been on my mind.

. . . life isn’t always sunny, but sunflowers usually are.

. . . they were less expensive than the city street vendor’s and guaranteed local grown.

. . . they make me smile.

Is there something you treat yourself to as a simple pleasure?  What makes you smile?


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I wrote a guest post and I have new bling.

I’d be honored if you read it (the guest post).  You can find it by clicking here.

You don’t have to read it, but yesterday was my birthday and it’s polite to be nice to the birthday girl, especially one who’s sporting new bling . . .

I went blue moon kayaking and all I brought you was this lovely glow ring. It’s sparkly.

. . . and who is reportedly ‘awesome” (I hate to brag, but it is in writing and now it’s in writing on the Internet, so it must be true).

From the guy who volunteers to call cadence so he can do it to the Imperial Death March.

Actually both mes enfants are creative and thoughtful . . .

Elvis made a birthday visit, bearing Blue Moon  . . .

. . . and cupcakes!

And just for fun, here’s Nanci Griffith singing about the blue moon. . .

Artscape: Free food tastes better.

Baltimore held its annual Artscape festival this weekend.  The fun included a flying rhino, men loitering in tutu’s, women in roller skates on the flying trapeze, a mechanical chicken, crocheted portable toilets, art cars, oversized portions of extremely unhealthy food choices, a giant banana car, the Weinermobile, and even an opportunity to scribble a little graffiti (can you guess which is mine?) .

My daughter picked up a poster for her study area.  Her mother approves of the lyrical message.

SmartFood gave out free bags of chips and popcorn. When we got to the table, they were temporarily out of stock. The angry / hungry crowd swelled, but we waited. . . because her sweetheart says free food tastes better.

Tensions grew in the sweltering, popcornless heat. Eventually boxes were delivered. But it was a harrowing five-minute wait that I shall never forget. Until Thursday. I am sure he appreciates the sacrifice we didn’t actually make in the potential Snack Riot of 2012 to get him some free chips and popcorn, because that’s the way he is.

One of my favorite parts is the festival-goers themselves. Undeniably one of the best people-watching events of the season.

If some pictures appear small, click your refresh button and they should appear in full size. I don’t know why that is. Mercury is retrograde.

Ojo de Dios!

It takes a tough man to ride a mechanical chicken.

When rhinos fly. . . .

“I got no words.” — The man standing beside me when I took this shot.

Nice bag!

A marriage of marketing icons. (The “Natty Boh” (National Bohemian beer) guy and the Utz (potato chip) girl).

This car burns incense (except in Oregon and New Jersey).

Words of wisdom (lots of them).

Extreme hood ornaments.

Ants were a big theme. I do not know why.

“What’s up?” (One of his alleged phrases)

Groovy idea.

“That looks like the (stuff)!” — Woman who asked about the cheesy bacon chips.

One quasi-hippie + one magic marker = one bad pun.

My graffitti close up.

The crowd admires my graffiti.

Him again?

Air guitar

$1 to see the giant man-eating chicken. Or is that giant man eating chicken? I didn’t spend the $1 to find out.

For Sarge and Lorna, but mostly Sarge.

. . . and you thought that last picture was “awwwww” . . .

Motivational advice for law school.

Hot dogs.

Even more impressive in person. Fabric art by Jamie Langhoff —

It’s not over ’til you’ve seen the roller-skating trapeze act.