On heat indexes, windchill factors, and Starbucks: the relativity of weather

Hippie Cahier:

Originally posted during a heat wave in 2012. Change hot to cold, lather and rinse. This is a repeat. Stay warm, Chicago (and everywhere else).

Originally posted on Hippie Cahier:

You may have heard a little about this. Many of you are experiencing it along with me: it’s hot.

In fact, yes indeed, it’s hot enough for me. Thank you very much for yourthoughtful inquiry.

Not only is it hot, we here in the mid-Atlantic experienced an out-of-the blue storm a little over a week ago that brought little rain but more wind than . . . something.

Curiously, the weather folks have not compared those winds to anything. Maybe it’s because this was an anonymous storm, not a celebrity storm, the kind that will get a name this year.

Maybe if this storm had a name, the weather folks would have had time to pull their hair into ponytails, fashionably looped through the back of a baseball cap, and headed out to reportfrom the street corner or the front of the panicked Home Depot while the interns back at…

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