September needs a beverage.

The plan was to leave the mids dancing on my screen for the week. I wasn’t going to post today or tomorrow or all week and if I have any self-discipline at all, might check in once a day at most.  There’s a bike that needs riding and some rooms that need painting and you don’t need to know about any of that.

For this one last check in, I read today’s post at Teachers and Twits (aka Renee, whose new computer has arrived and isn’t that a wonderful thing?). She wrote  something that spoke to my inner summer girl, which I read while sipping coffee and watching the sun rise over the marina, where the coming days and weeks will see the slips empty and the shrink wrap appear on those that remain, confirming the approach of winter.

I, too, am a summer girl. Over the past few years I have come to like fall, except for the dread of winter that lies just beneath its surface.  This year that dread crept in in August and I almost skipped the beauty of September, my favorite month. I’m spending this last week reminding myself to live in September.summer_lemonade_pcabex

The first boy I  truly loved I met at a football game in the early fall, but my favorite memories of him are from the summers that followed. The day trips to the beach, the pink teddy bear he won at the arcade, the mock argument over what her name would be, the lemonade with two straws, his vegetable garden that grew waaaaay too much zucchini, which he then made into all sorts of zucchini dishes, his homemade apple pies, the boat he built by hand and named for his mother, the maiden voyage of the Margaret Ann, the time he walked me to the door, kissed me goodnight and did cartwheels back to his car, every single Christopher Cross hit.

I’ve been looking forward to the pumpkin spice latte days, but I already miss lemonade.

How many days until June?

47 thoughts on “September needs a beverage.

  1. Le sigh.

    First of all I’m glad I inspired you. I get that first summer love thing. My summer loves were always around water: lakes and pools and oceans. We rode horses and listened to the sounds of frogs chirping at night after riding horses all day. We picked flowers. We shared special kisses. Everything is extra bright and I remember all these moments with a kind of weird longing. It’;s not like I’m unhappy now. As you said, there are good things to come — apple pies, spaghetti squash with butter, Halloween.

    But I miss my lazy chair, the purple cone flowers, the butterflies. 😉


  2. This might sound unusually gushy for me, but I love all the seasons. But my FAVORITE favorite season is Autumn. Love it. As much as I love summer, the chill in the air, the briskness, the changes you can see all around you, the mix of warm days you appreciate so much and the cool days that are new enough to be exciting… Love it.


  3. I feel your mood and share it — to a point. The part I love about September is that it’s my birthday month. But it’s also the beginning of school. The smell of crayons and new books. The return of football. And hayrides. And bonfires. I also love Fall materials — corduroy and flannel and fleece. But yeah, what you said about summer romance. The best. Sigh.


  4. We regret to inform you that June appears to be blocked by several holidays that require removal before you can proceed. If you wish to take the detours, you will be approached by a collection of mythical figures, each requiring you to engage in a series of tests to show you the true meaning of what they represent. If you pass these tests, then you may skip winter, but the closest available exit is in April.

    There are no detours around April.


  5. Fall always has been my favorite season – except for a brief flirtation with winter, when I was much younger and didn’t mind ice scrapers and frozen engine blocks.

    A beverage for September? Here’s an offering from me (and my great state) to you: varieties of Shiner Beer. They brew some specialties that are available in your area. The Bock always is good, but so’s their Oktoberfest. They have light and dark, and believe me – in Texas, wherever there are falling leaves and good music, there will be Shiner.

    If it weren’t so danged hot and humid, I might skip work and go find me a dancehall and some Shiner.


  6. From today…217. I have a brand new marker already crossing off the days. And I’m stockpiling cases of tonic because I can never get any around here in the summertime. Gin & tonic can only really be enjoyed when it’s hot and humid. And I have to stop now because I think I may cry.


  7. For September’s drink I nominate Pinot Noir.
    It’s best served just slightly below room temp and has a great balance of dryness and subtle fruit. It’s rich beautiful color mixes deep earthy tones and has just the right amount of overall darkness. (And it’s freekin tasty!)


  8. Summer is great, no doubt about it. But summer is the season of younger folks, beach life and booze and sun and fun… as we get older seems like Fall (and maybe winter sometimes) becomes the popular season as parents can spend their days with their kids at apple orchards or football games or sledding on hills full of icy snow. I’m still not sure where Spring fits into the mix?? I’m envisioning someday getting old and Spring becomes my favorite season, the wife and I putting on our white polyester stretch slacks and going out to brunch at the local diner… for now I’ll stick with Fall as my fav!


    • I dunno — I’m kind of digging the image of your Spring outfits. You both have to wear hats, and she has glasses on a beaded lanyard around her neck and you have to wear dark socks and white shoes.


  9. Summer is top of the list, partially overlapping with spring. Fall and winter used to be shared spot until I became a car owner. I am sure you can imagine which is where now. But – that said: I still enjoy a crispy cold winter day (the colder the better – takes all the humidity out of the air and a thick jacket is plenty to keep you warm), filled with snow, bright blue sky and being almost blinded by the sun.


    • A really good snow is nice — equally lovely is bright moonlight gleaming on the surface of untouched snow, in my opinion, which isn’t worth the paper it isn’t printed on. It’s the letting go of summer that can be hard. . . and how winter gets tiresome by February but still drags on until April. It’s just too much for an old soul with brittle bones. 🙂


  10. I’m almost always ready for Autumn and Winter. They’re the quiet seasons, when the noise in the baseball fields across from my house subsides and goes away. And those seasons give me a break from gardening and toiling outside, and… gophers. AND, pumpkin flavored offerings are EVERYWHERE! I had a lovely pumpkin scone yesterday. You should try one, Todd Pack. Really. Change its name to umpkin – perhaps that will help.


    • There’s a place where I used to live, about 30 miles from here, that makes the most incredible West African peanut soup that’s pumpkin-based. On a chilly day, a steaming bowl of that stuff is heaven. I think it might just sway a pumpkin-hater. Or not. Pumpkin scones sound delish.

      I suppose baseball fields very close by could get to be too much. I spent a lot of time on my bicycle last week and one route took me past the youth league football field. You could feel the excitement of the coming season in the air.


      • The thing about the baseball fields is that they are sort of a sign of changing seasons, too, like leaves falling. Once the noise at the fields goes away, I know we’re well into fall and heading to winter. It’s nice.


  11. I’m an autumn fan as well. And I suppose I think of it ushering in the cooler weather, colorful surroundings, and bountiful harvests. After a summer full of light whites and sparkling wines, I think September is perfect for bringing out the Cabernets and full bodied Zins – deep reds with lots of character! Nice post and congrats on the award by Michelle.


    • It sounds like you and Rich are of the same mind with the reds, which I love, but which also give me a headache. Sometimes I go for it anyway. 🙂

      I feel bad about not acknowledging the award. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Thanks!


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